Other Characters

Terence Philip


Terence Philip was a wealthy art dealer, tall, handsome, relaxed, charming, seven years younger than Clementine. He admired Winston as a person and for his paintings — Winston was an enthusiastic amateur painter — and, meeting Clementine, Terence was much taken with her beauty and her intellect. Still youthful but nearing fifty, Clementine was seeking renewal and affirmation of her femininity. Clementine and Terence swam together in the ship’s pool, went off alone together to go deep sea fishing, boated up rivers and had picnics together on deserted islands and found they shared liberal political views and were in harmony in many areas of life. What with a combination of Terence’s charm, the sunshine



Anna, Clementine’s “honorary great-aunt”, her friend and confident, a master of the Tarot deck, who advises Clementine on her life-changing decision. A great cameo for a national treasure. Actresses under consideration include Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Judi Dench, and Dame Helen Mirren. Conversations have already taken place with one of their agents, and management believes the likelihood of one of them accepting the role is high.


Younger characters in the Film

While the story of Clementine Churchill’s romance is expected to have near universal appeal due to the international and continuing fame of her husband, the Film is designed to also appeal to a younger audience with a side love story between Clementine’s “niece”, Nelly Keifer, and a lively young Eurasian, Jan who guides them though Southeast Asia on their journey. This side-story also allows the film to include an actor who can expand the youth audience in Asian markets. It is possible the actor may be hired because of crossover appeal as a pop singer in Asia, a common tactic found in films in India, Japan, and China.