Set in the glittering realm of the British Empire between the world wars, Mrs. Churchill’s War is the story of a woman’s struggle for empowerment as she grapples with the conflicting claims of love and duty.


It is 1934. Clementine Churchill’s “marriage of the century” to the dynamic, eccentric Winston Churchill is in trouble. Searching for renewal, she accepts an invitation on a four-month cruise to the East Indies.

From the beginning, her luxurious voyage does not go as planned. Storms at sea, riots in Burma, the Nazi menace, and a heart-stopping romance with Terence Philip, a young, fascinating, London art dealer take her to the breaking point -- and beyond.

Clementine’s struggle with the feelings that threaten to destroy her marriage culminates in a mystical experience with an Indonesian shaman. Stalked by Komodo dragons, will she live to make her fateful choice between destiny and desire?

Historians and those who knew them generally agree, without his wife, Winston Churchill would not have been able to lead Britain to stand alone against the Nazi menace.

If Britain had succumbed, there would have been no way to win the European war -- no British bomber bases, no place to launch an assault force, no D-Day. There would have been no way to stop the Nazis.

Four months in which the fate of the world hung in the balance. The balance of love...