MCW Films Ltd. offers investors the benefits of:

Capital Growth Potential from a strong market for British Period Films

ax benefits for UK taxpayers

A film based on a multiple Award Winning script

Set in the glittering realm of the British Empire between the world wars, Mrs. Churchill’s War is the story of a woman’s struggle for empowerment as she grapples with the conflicting claims of love and duty - Casablanca from the woman’s point of view.



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aNdrew arthur, producer and managing director

Mr. Arthur holds a Juris Doctor degree from Columbia University in New York City and gained experience in securities offerings before moving on to theatre and film. He has served as General Counsel of a high-tech startup and founded a successful theatrical production company. He is an award-winning screenwriter – winner of the Nantucket Film Festival and Woods Hole Film Festival competitions and is an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship semifinalist. His directing and producing credits include numerous theatrical productions and several short films.

charles salmon, producer

Mr. Salmon has worked in the film industry for more than thirty years. His production experience ranges from BBC TV and films to independent and studio features. Among his many credits are: The Railway Man, The Darkest Hour, Flawless, and numerous episodes of The Young Indiana Jones. His special knowledge of working in Asian locations led to the founding of Thai Occidental Productions, with the aim of bringing the highest standards to the local market. His priority is to achieve maximum production value from any budget. 

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laura burrows, line producer

Ms. Burrows has extensive experience as an effective line producer on feature films and television series. Her credits include Rabbit-Proof Fence, Mrs. Henderson Presents, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Bone Collector, Alexander the Great, and a wide variety of television productions. For two years she worked in Australia for acclaimed director Phillip Noyce. She served as Morocco line producer for The Man in the High Castle. Her exemplary management of budgets and schedules, as well as unforeseen filming, access and political issues, are key in making a film the best it can be.



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Elliot Grove, Founder and Director, Raindance

Mr. Grove has worked on over sixty feature films in a variety of capacities. In 1992 in London he launched Raindance, now the largest independent film festival in the U.K. and Europe with a film school that operates in major cities including London, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Budapest, Berlin and Brussels. Named by Variety as one of the world’s top ‘unmissable film festivals’, Raindance showcases filmmakers from around the world to an audience of 15,000 attendees including film executives, journalists, filmmakers, and fans.

special advisors

Hockless McWhirter LLP, a boutique advisory firm established by ex-City lawyers Peter Hockless and Anthony McWhirter, specialises in advising entrepreneurs,early stage companies, investment funds, family offices and special projects

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Steve Hanlon, Partner, Mariana Capital Markets LLP.

Mr. Hanlon became a Partner in 2012 following his role as a Tax Director at Ernst & Young. His expertise covers all areas of UK taxation, with a particular focus on investment products, SEIS and EIS investment structures, owner managed businesses, transactional support, trusts and partnerships. Mariana Capital Markets LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA FRN 551170).

Why invest ... in Films?

When approached from a market perspective, the entertainment industry is an interesting asset class that has the potential to vastly outperform other sectors.


  • Successful films can generate an exponentially higher return on investment compared to most other assets.

  • Worldwide film revenues are increasing substantially, with the fastest growth happening in Emerging Markets and in Asia.

  • Additional revenue opportunities are resulting from innovations in distribution technologies.

Why invest ... in MCW Films Ltd.?

  • To participate in the thriving creative economy and a strong international market for British Films.

  • To be part of the excitement of making a prestige film with exclusive updates, tickets to the premiere, film set visits, and an invitation to the wrap party with the stars.

  • To receive potentially high rates of return and/or substantial tax benefits. Even moderately successful film productions can generate returns in excess of those found in most other asset classes.

Why invest ... through SEIS?

To access generous tax reliefs providing capital gains deferral and downside protection up to 86.5% of amounts invested.


Benefits of SEIS


The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is a U.K. government initiative designed to reduce risk and promote investment into small businesses by offering a range of attractive tax reliefs. For certain UK investors who pay higher rate income tax, this relief can reduce capital at risk to £675 for each £5,000 invested. 


Six different tax reliefs combine to make SEIS qualifying investments attractive within many portfolios: 

  1. 50% income tax relief.

  2. Tax exemption on half the capital gains invested.

  3. Unlimited deferral of capital gains.

  4. Inheritance tax relief after two years while shares held.

  5. Tax free gains on disposal of profitable investments.

  6. Loss relief on non-performing investments.


To qualify for SEIS relief, a number of detailed requirements have to be satisfied including the requirement for investments to be made into unlisted small businesses and shares to be held for at least 3 years.

Why invest ... now?

To take advantage of a historical confluence of audience interest in films with female leads across audience types (Suffragette, Jackie, Star Wars, The Hunger Games), an intensification of the perennial interest in the Churchills, and a rapid growth in film audiences worldwide, particularly in Asia.

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