Great Britain  

The English settings of the London Zoo and the Churchill estate are essential elements of the story. It is anticipated the production will spend four weeks shooting in England and then move on to Thailand and Australia.


Winston Churchill gave his home to the British National Trust and it is, to this day, kept just as he and Clementine  had designed and furnished it. It is Planned that exteriors will be filmed at Chartwell and interiors in a similar period mansion and stage sets modeled on Chartwell interiors. The crew will also shoot Kent countryside for the Dieppe, France ashback and the Westerham Guy Fawkes celebration.

House of Commons

London offers a wide variety of opportunities to replicate the House of Commons from shooting in Guild Halls to Parliament itself as was done in Suffragette (2015).

London Zoo

The London Zoo plays a large role in setting up the Film. The journey is triggered at the Reptile House. The original building remains and was recently used in the Harry Potter lm series. While the zoo has changed over the years, there are still enough historic areas for the Film to complete the impression of the glamorous 1930’s. Three or four days of shooting will happen here.

Euston Station

Sadly, Euston Station, where Nelly arrives to meet Clementine, has been modernized beyond recognition so an alternate venue will have to be found. Victoria and Waterloo Stations might be used, or a conglomerate CGI version might be devised. Waterloo has a heritage loco-motive within its rail yards.

Westerham, Kent & London Ballroom & Diepee, France-

Within the environs of the county of Kent are a number of sites which can ful ll the 1930’s image of the village green Guy Fawkes Day celebration in Westerham, Kent; the elegant London ballroom scene; and the turn-of-the- century scene in a small town in Northern France. Actually, Westerham is still a quaint and cinematic sight. There are lovely ballrooms including The George in Rye, Sussex which is less than 3 miles from the border with Kent. For recreating Dieppe, France, we might use such settings as the Ightham Mote for its quaint village stream look and the many rentable cottages found locally which might easily double for a French village cottage.


It is anticipated that Thailand, which recently introduced a lm production tax rebate, will double in for Burma and other exotic scenes locations. Bangkok offers locations which mirror those of old Rangoon.


Bangkok harbour or the canals nearby can ll in for Rangoon by building only a small portion of the yacht Rosaura deck to use on location.


Bangkok’s Golden Temple easily replaces Rangoon’s Golden Pagoda.


While it is hard to replicate the classic “Indiana Jones” locations without building them, Bangkok is much closer to Rangoon and many of the streets and buildings can be quickly converted to the needs of the production without expensive back lot construction.


Northern Australia offers the last three ingredients needed for production, all within reasonable distance of Brisbane, a lm center with both studios and extensive production talent.


Queensland in Northwestern Australia is close to Indonesia and has a similar topography, ora, and fauna. The Komodo dragon hunt, the Balinese village, and the South Seas beaches can be lmed here.


Sydney Zoo has Komodo dragons which can be lmed against blue screen and on limited set pieces which can be woven into the Film.


The deck of the yacht can be created in part on a barge and shot at a xed location along the coast of Australia while the storm- tossed Rosaura will be either a model in a water tank or created with CGI.


These lo- cations, even in Rangoon, were colonial British architecture. Australia offers similar architecture both exterior and interior to the period.


It is possible we may not nd the interior of the German Embassy in Thailand or Australia ideal to the story and image. If not, these can be created on stage.



The interiors of Lord Moyne’s luxury yacht will have to be created on stage, which will make for quicker and Magnetic Island, off the Queensland’s Towns-more opulent lming and incorporate the special effects required.